Traditional Buckwheat Bed Pillow


Includes one Pillow Case

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The Pillow of Choice For Incredible Comfort


Do you wish you could say, “I just love my pillow!?  If you can’t, you need to take a serious look at a pillow that is so comfortable your head will feel like it is being cradled!  Buckwheat hull-filled pillows conform to the contours of your head and neck and they give stable support that does not go flat or push-back.  That’s why so many users of buckwheat pillows say, “I just love my buckwheat pillow!”.  For more information on the many benefits of these amazing pillows, go to About Buckwheat Pillows.

“User-friendly” describes our featured Bed Pillow.  Here’s why:

  • You can adjust the fullness and elevation of your pillow to match your own personal comfort level.  Just use the zippered opening at one end of the 100% cotton ticking cover to add or subtract hulls.
  • Your pillow cover is washable.  Just remove the hulls.  Wash the cover.  Dry it, and then refill.
  • Your pillow comes with a perfectly sized 100% cotton pillow case.
  • Take your pillow along for overnighters.  Its unique size, 14″x21″, allows it to fit nicely into luggage, large and small.
  • Your pillow should last for many years, 8-10 or more.


“I just love my buckwheat pillow!  I’ll never go back to the others!”

                                                                                                       – Satisfied  Users


Additional information

Weight 3.75 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 18 × 6 in

approx. 3.75 lb.


14" x 21" x 3"


White, Blue & White Ticking


100% Sturdy Cotton Twill And Ticking


Wash cover after removing hulls. Refill when cover is dry.


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