About Buckwheat Pillows

Are buckwheat hull pillows new?

Buckwheat hull pillows originated in Asia and have been in continual use there for centuries. In recent years, their popularity has spread as the Western world has discovered their multiple advantages. In fact, many health care professionals now recommend buckwheat pillows to their patients with neck and back problems.

What are buckwheat hulls?

Buckwheat hulls are a by-product of the buckwheat plant. They are the outer shells that protect the kernels of the plant and are removed during processing. Because the plant is a renewable resource, the hulls are classified as an environmentally friendly green product. Because buckwheat is a fruit, not a grain, the hulls are virtually hypo-allergenic. Our hulls come from plants organically grown in the USA.

Why are buckwheat hulls a superior filling?

Because of their pyramid-like shape, the hulls interlock when compressed, rather than sliding by each other as occurs with micro-beads. Buckwheat hulls give stable, cradle-like support that conforms to the shape of your head and neck.

Foam and fiber fillings can set up a sub-conscious resistance to your head and neck muscles because of the push-back that occurs when they are compressed and then try to regain their original shape. A buckwheat hull filling offers no such resistance, thus allowing your muscles to relax.

Unlike synthetic fillings which tend to collect heat and get warm, buckwheat hulls have minimal heat build-up.  Due to the natural circulation of air between the hulls, on a buckwheat pillow your head can stay at a near-constant temperature all night long.

How do I care for my pillow?

If your pillow features a zipper, simply remove the hulls, wash the cover, and refill. If your pillow does not have a zipper, lightly spot clean, while keeping the hulls inside dry.