Ever been on a long trip and just couldn’t get comfortable?

Have acid reflux and need to sleep upright?

Want to make your easy chair even more “easy”?


Then, try the revolutionary new travel/support pillow we call the Heavn’ly Hugger™.


Not to be confused with the U-shaped pillow, this one is used behind your head, not around your neck. This pillow lets your neck and shoulders feel unrestricted while keeping your head from falling forward or sideways when you fall asleep. It helps give a bit more dignity to your daytime siesta.


The ties make the pillow adjustable to all head sizes.  Tighten, loosen or untie to match your own personal comfort level.  Use the ties for carrying as well.


The unique shape of the pillow combined with the gentle stretch of the fleece and the moldable nature of the hulls inside, all work together so that it conforms to the natural contours of your head and neck. Experience a pillow that puts its “arms” around your head!  That’s why we call it the Heavn’ly Hugger™.


This soft polyester fleece pillow, filled with clean “fluffy” buckwheat hulls was carefully designed and crafted in the shape of an “H” so that it……..

  • cradles your head
  • supports your neck
  • rests on your shoulders

Use it while……..

  • traveling across the country or around the world
  • relaxing in your easy chair
  • reclining in your bed
  • sleeping on your back (giving you just the right amount of under-the-neck support while maintaining healthy spinal alignment)

For your interest, the Heavn’ly Hugger™ is…………

  • an original product developed by Buckwheat Bedding Company
  • patented
  • made in the USA





Quality materials and quality workmanship are of prime importance to us so that we can provide you with a pillow that is satisfying, long-lasting and attractive!



Try it!   You’ll love it!