Only Pillow With The Patented “H” Shape That Truly Supports Your Head And Neck!

Has soft fleece cover with cord ties for adjustable fit

Has soft faux leather cover that is easy to clean and keeps its classic good looks



Our winning, patented “H” shape design is the main feature of both  our Heav’nly Hugger and Really Rest support pillows. The main        difference between them is the fabric. Choose either  pillow and experience  the soothing relief that comes from having your head cradled and your neck supported.




Three critical elements in these support pillows combine to make them work“!  The unique design, the gentle stretch of the fabrics, and the  moldable buckwheat hulls inside all work together to produce pillows that conform to the contours of your head and neck, giving comforting and firm support so your tired muscles can relax.





Experience a pillow that puts its “arms” around your head!

 Note how it is used behind your head, not around your neck!

 Use for therapy, leisure or travel anytime and anywhere!

Doctor Recommended
“ I am pleased to report the overwhelming success that your pillow has had with my patients that have chronic neck problems.  Nothing compares to the quality and support. I highly recommend…..chiropractic patient or not. Thanks for a great product.”

Dr. Walter Null IV
Powell Chiropractic Clinic