Specialized Pillows for Therepeutic Comfort

Have you ever thought about how important the pillows you sleep and rest with everyday are to your physical, mental, and emotional health?  Resting on a pillow that gives stable support in just the right places lets your muscles relax and helps you enter into a restful state quickly and upon awakening feel refreshed all over without stiffness.

Buckwheat Bedding Company is proud to offer you specially designed pillows that address your needs for strategic support – support that is not only comfortable but also therapeutic, promoting correct spinal alignment and pressure relief.

All of our pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls. The unique properties of the hulls contribute directly to the therapeutic aspect of our pillows. For more information on their properties, go to About Buckwheat Pillows.

Purposeful design, quality materials and careful workmanship are top priorities in the making of our pillows so that we can provide you with a product that is satisfying, long-lasting and attractive.