Finally! Relief For Sensitive Ears!

Have you ever wondered if you are the only one with ears that are sensitive to pressure, particularly at night when sleeping on your side?  You are not alone and there is a solution!  We have designed a pillow just for you that should take care of the problem.

This is a rectangular pillow with a plush 100% cotton sherpa cover, for soft, stay-cool  comfort, which is filled with buckwheat hulls that  provide contoured cradle-like support to your head and neck. Its special feature is a sewn-in ear well, which we call the “sweet spot”, that allows your ear to be free of any pressure. No more having to try to get comfortable with your old pillow.  You’ll find that “sweet spot” as soon as your head hits this pillow.  Because of the wonderful support and absence of ear pressure, you are likely to sleep in one position for longer periods of time.

Here is what one user had to say.

“Oh my goodness, I love my
tender ears pillow! I actually
slept six hours the first three nights
without waking at all…head cradled
and ear safe on your special pillow.
Thank you so much…for your
amazing, clever invention!”

The Solution Pillow’s smaller size gives you all the support and comfort you desire and more.  It is wonderful not only for nighttime sleep and afternoon naps on the couch at home, but for taking with you on a trip and sleeping anywhere!