It was a God send…so comfortable.. I slept through the night on a plane for the first time.

I have tried other similar products, but none have been as effective as this one.

I love it ! use it every night in my chair

Works great ! Thank you !

Finally, a pillow that really supports your neck

In all my travels, it is the best one I’ve found on the market

It is worth every penny I paid for it

It was terrific !

“I just love it!”  Can you say that about your bed pillow?

If you can’t…..

Then you need to try a buckwheat hull filled pillow! They have multiple benefits that help promote better sleep, which is why many health-care professionals are recommending them to their clients. Here are some specifics.


  • Buckwheat hull pillows conform to the contours of your head, neck and shoulders.  A gentle scrunch or punch will distribute the hulls to wherever you need a “lift”.


  • Your head and neck muscles can totally relax.  Buckwheat hulls do not “push back” when compressed like foam and fiber fill do in order to gain their resilient state.


  • Buckwheat hull pillows are naturally ventilated. Air circulates freely between the hulls inside. This allows your head to stay at a near-constant temperature all night long.  No more pillow-flipping!  Less interrupted sleep!


Now, for some specifics about the top-quality pillows that Buckwheat Bedding Company takes pride in making for you.


  • Cover – made from strong, soft, 100% cotton brushed twill. It has an invisible  zipper so that you can adjust the height of your pillow to match your own comfort level by adding or subtracting hulls. Your pillow is over-filled for that reason. Be mindful that if you sleep on a firm bed, you will likely need a fuller pillow than if you sleep on a soft bed. The zipper also allows for washing of your cover after hulls have been removed. Keep hulls dry.


  • Fitted pillow case – made from 300+ thread count 100% cotton sheeting.


  • Hulls – organic, fluffy, triple-cleaned, grown in USA, virtually hypo-allergenic


  • Size – made in the traditional buckwheat hull pillow size which is approximately 14”x21”.  This is a desirable size for two reasons.  1) It is less heavy and cumbersome. 2) It is a perfect fit for packing into carry-on luggage. Discreetly carry your pillow with you wherever you go! Never again miss a night of good sleep!


Okay, now it’s time to try one and join the chorus of all those buckwheat hull pillow lovers out there who invariably will tell you….



“I just love it!” and “I’ll never go back…..”